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Ebad & Partners

Ebad & Partners is a Scandinavian real estate agency which collaborates with both buyers and sellers. Our goal is to always be able to offer exceptional quality, a sincere commitment and a great push to achieve the best possible home sales. The relationship with our customers is always characterized by sincerity, respect and mutual trust.

Satisfied customers are an important milestone in our business, for this reason our brokers are always present and work unpretentiously to offer something more than a normal brokerage service. Through a professional approach and focus on the customer, we manage to put a great deal of emphasis on every sale in which no detail is left to chance. With us, you will never be a drop in the ocean.

Our vision is to work as a conceptual brokerage and keep a high standard of purchase and sale for our customers. We make this possible by working with professional photos, video presentations, advertisement and project plans, all in order to create a presentation of your home that can make an impact and therefore increase the selling price. We would prefer to sell a house the right way rather than two in the wrong one. We spend all the time, effort and energy that are needed to make your biggest deal also the best. We simply go the extra mile for you.

/Pedram Ebad

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